Endowments Summary

Endowment funds held at The Catholic Foundation for the benefit of St. Mary Parish Community

The Father Michael Nimocks Endowment Fund #320APT

For the greatest expenses of St. Mary Parish.

St. Mary Parish Endowment Fund #320AJO

To provide long-term resources for the needs of the parish.

St. Mary Parish Buildings Endowment Fund #320AJP

For the preservation and maintenance of the parish buildings and real estate of the parish.

St. Mary Cemetery Endowment Fund #320ADT

To fund operations and maintenance needs of the cemetery.

St. Mary Evangelization & Care for the Poor Endowment Fund #320AJR

For the evangelization and care for the poor in the community served by St. Mary.

St. Mary, Marion School Endowment Fund #320AJQ

For the operating needs of St. Mary Elementary School.

St. Mary Scholarship Endowment Fund #320ADU

To provide tuition assistance to families in need.

St. Mary School Tuition Reduction Endowment Fund #320ANX

To provide a reduction in tuition for all registered parishioners who pay tuition for their children who attend St. Mary School in grades Kindergarten through eight.

The Robert C. Dowd Endowment Fund

To provide for St. Mary Parish, Marion, Ohio.

St. Mary, Marion Pipe Organ Maintenance & Repair Endowment Fund

This fund shall provide for the ongoing maintenance & repair of the pipe organ at St. Mary Parish in Marion, Ohio.